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A Python script for translating STS output (BDD) into fsm-files


This script is made in Python by Frank Zeelen and Emiel van de Rijt. It can create a FSM-file (finite state model) containing the feasible state space from the output of the STS tool of Ma and Wonham. This file can be read in a program called Diagraphica made by H. Pretorius (Diagraphica). Also for the states which are eligible for an event an FSM file can be created. The states that are blocked for a certain event can also be stored in a FSM-file.

How to use

The script uses two files, the one contain functions that are used in the other file Both files need to be in the same directory as the output of the STS tool. The file that must be called is Follow the instructions on the screen and a fsm-file is created in the same folder.


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