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 +====== SuSyNA ======
 +This page contains information about the **Su**pervisor **Sy**nthesis for **N**ondeterministic **A**utomata (SuSyNA) tools.
 +It contains a set of algorithms to compute event-based supervisors from plants and requirements.
 +===== Releases =====
 +The change log can be found at the bottom part of the [[http://​​trac/​automata/​browser/​trunk/​README]] file (search for '​History'​).
 +Current version (20120418): {{:​supcon:​susyna-0.4.6.tar.gz|}}. \\
 +They are also available at [[http://​​trac/​chi-tooling/​downloads|development site]] ('​third-party_packages'​ section). \\
 +TU/e students/​employees can use the SuSyNA tools by selecting the toolset '​susyna'​ using [[:​sesystems:​toolselect|toolselect]] (on the [[:​sesystems:​start#​|SE rack systems]]).\\
 +For more information on the availability of the supervisory control tooling, see [[:​supcon:​tooling_availability|here]].
 +===== Documentation =====
 +The {{:​4k420:​supervisory_toolchain_manual.pdf|Event-based Supervisory Toolchain Manual}} (PDF, work in progress) includes documentation for the SuSyNA toolset.
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