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The SeWiKi is driven by DokuWiki. See the DokuWiki manual for more information.

Registration and login

Certain features of this wiki, like editing pages and receiving an e-mail for changed pages (page change notifications), require that you login. In order to be able to login, you should first register. See the registration page for more information about registration/login.

Because of recent defacing attempts and the creation of bogus user accounts automatic registration has been disabled. All registered users only have read rights by default. If you want to register and/or need edit/create rights you must send a request email to me. I will review your request and (maybe) create a user account and add you to the friends-list, so you will be able to edit/create pages.

Editing SeWiKi

Make sure you are logged in to the wiki. Click the 'Edit this page' button on the upper left of any page to edit that complete page. The small edit buttons on the right let you edit just the section of the page above the edit button. You can practice using the wiki on the playground. See the syntax page for information about the syntax to use when writing/editing pages. See the registration page for more information about registration/login/editing.

Page change notifications

If you're logged in, you can subscribe to page changes and/or namespace changes (namespaces are more of less groups of pages) by clicking the corresponding buttons at the bottom of each wiki page. Once you have done so, you will get an e-mail each time the page changes (or any page within the namespace changes). Note that you don't get an e-mail if you changed the page yourself. You can unsubscribe by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the page (or one of the pages of the namespace).

Searching on SeWiki

Searching something on SeWiki is easy: just type your searchword(s) right behind the last slash of in the addressbox of your browser and the search engine will show you the results in the display window of your browser.

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