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MN development

At MN, project groups exist, consisting of several people working together on the same subject. To ease communication and exchange of (data) files, such groups can use a number of (open source) tools. The '' system is reserved especially for managing (storing) project data, and communicating project topics, see for a list of current projects.

The system has three levels of project communication software, namely data strorage, data update notification, and project ticketing. In addition, a recommended way of working called UQDS has been adopted from

Data storage

In a project, everybody should be able to easily share and exchange files and data with each other, and make changes in files. These changes should be propagated to the other members without much fuss.

Software exists that is designed to make this possible. Such software is commonly known as Version Control System (VCS) software. An introduction to such systems can be found at In the Systems Engineering group, Subversion has been chosen as VCS, developed at

More details about data storage are at the Subversion Wiki page.

Data update notification

Having a central data storage (called the repository) is useful, but people should also be aware of changes (commits) that are put into the repository. The second level of project software takes care of this by means of a commit mailing list. Every time a member commits a change into the central project data storage, an email is sent to all members of the project.

If it is useful for the project, other mailing lists can also be created.

Project ticketing

With the data storage, and the data update notification levels, easy exchange of data files between members has become possible.

The next level is about the project itself. What problems have been recognized, how should they be solved and in what order? For such an administration, software is also available. The general term for this software is issue tracking systems, or ticketing systems. See for a more complete introduction.

At MN, Trac has been chosen, developed at

For more details, see the Trac Wiki page.

Way of working

Having all the above available makes it possible to easily exchange data files, and keep informed about topics in the project. The question however is, how to use all this software effectively. There are many strategies possible. Within the Systems Engineering group, a development method called Ultimate Quality Development System (UQDS) has been chosen, developed at It is aimed at small project groups that want high quality of their results.

They have also made some commands to make their way of working easier. The collective name of these commands is Combinator, and is available at

More information at the UQDS page. Also, at you can find a detailed list of steps you can follow.

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