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Currently, in the local files of MikTeX the tuefont is included. However, this font is not easily accessible. This package easily provides the TU/e font to documents since only the command \usepackage{tuefont} is needed in your document.

This stylefile assumes that the font-file have already been properly installed.

Installation under Windows (MikTex 2.9)

  1. to be added…

Installation under Linux

  1. Determine the local texmf directory, as described in linuxlocaltexmf. We assume this is /home/user/texmf
  2. Packages should be installed according to the Tex Directory Structure (TDS), so create the directory /home/user/texmf/tex/latex/tuefont, by typing mkdir /home/user/texmf/tex/latex/tuefont
  3. Download the file tuefont.sty and save it in that directory
  4. Make sure the new stylefile can be found by typing texhash
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